The New Thermic Edge Versatile Heater Range offers a new approach to sample heating. The sample heater is very versatile enabling it to be easily upgraded, so that body or element materials can be easily changed to suit different heating requirements and environments. The sample heater layout can be easily modified to allow for different sample mounting options. The heater is also very high performance, with high power density (enabling very fast ramp up times), with low mass body (reducing cool down times) and high thermal uniformity over the entire hot zone. The sample heater can be manufactured using different body and element materials to suit a wide range of applications and temperatures.

For a detailed breakdown of our new Versatile Heater Range, please download our PDF.


Our New Range Of Standard Versatile Heaters Offer The Following:

Heater body materials range:

st/stl 304, Inconel alloy 600, Molybdenum, Tungsten.

Element Range:

Inconel alloy 600 (O2 compatible), Molybdenum, Tungsten, CCC, Graphite + SiC coating (O2 compatible), Graphite + PBN coating, PBN/PG/PBN ceramic composite.

The sample heater can be supplied with or without a ceramic top plate, and with various sample holder options. The sample heater has rear mounting posts, and can be mounted in any orientation. The figure below details the spun st/stl & Inconel alloy 600 casings, whilst the mounting options figures (next page) detail the higher temperature rated Molybdenum & Tungsten casings.

Versatile Heater Table

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