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Vitreous Glass & Carbon Coating

Vitreous coating is a polyresin coating applied onto a graphite substrate. The crosslinking structure of this resin once cured creates a near impermeable layer commonly referred to as “glass like” or “vitreous glass”. This resin can be converted to a carbon at temperature while retaining the “glass like” structure.  This is commonly done to provide a layer of protection that does not allow the graphite substrate to out-dust, or the customer application material being handled to permeate into the graphite material.

Vitreous coating supplied by Thermic Edge can be defined into 2 separate classification, these being Vitreous Glassy Coating and Vitreous Carbon Coating.  Both of these have identical material requirements and similar process procedures.

All vitreous coated product should have a very small grain size and high density, minimum material grade of 2160 is recommended.  These parts should be Ultrasonic cleaned to near mottle free and VCI treated before coating is applied.

Vitreous Glass Coating characteristics:

  • Very low permeability
  • Very dark / black in color
  • Fully cured but not converted to carbon
  • Used for low temperature applications

Vitreous Glass Coated Crucible

*Note customer applications that go above 500C may start to convert this coating to a carbon during process

Vitreous Carbon Coating characteristics:

  • Very low permeability
  • Light color / shiny in appearance
  • Fully cured and converted to a carbon at a higher curing temperature.
  • Used for higher temperature applications

Vitreous Carbon Coated Crucible

Additionally, either coating can be placed on specific dimensional areas of the part without interrupting or changing the coating process.  Coating area and class should be determined and properly conveyed on either the part print (preferred) or work order.

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