• 1700c Sample Heater with CCC Element, Ceramic Top Plate and Water Cooled Body


  • Top plate temperature is 1700C, element temperature approximately 1900C.
  • Very fast ramp up times. 13C to 1600C in 2 minutes.
  • For use in high vacuum, UHV or inert atmosphere.
  • Not suitable for use in O2 above 400C element temperature.
  • Custom sizes available on request.
  • Heater base is water cooled, reducing heat load on chamber and sensitive equipment.
  • Heater is fitted with type C moly sheathed thermocouple.
  • Can be mounted to linear and or rotary actuator.
  • Heater can be free standing or flange mounted.
  • Water, power and thermocouple services can exit rear of or side of heater base.
  • Ø1” Heater will fit through NW38CF flange fully assembled
Part No

ØA – Hot Zone

ØB – Heater o.d. C – Heater Thickness Mounting Voltage Max Current Max

Power Max


26mm (1”)

36.6mm 52mm M6 stud 17 volts 33 amps

561 Watts


38.1mm (1.5”)

48.7mm 52mm M6 stud 40 volts 30 amps

1200 Watts


50.8mm (2”)

61.4mm 52mm M6 stud 60 volts 35 amps 2100 Watts
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